Web & Cloud

Web & Cloud

We have extensive experience in web development on the Microsoft ASP .NET stack and SharePoint. Our specific experience includes the use of the following technologies:

  • ASP .NET
  • ASP .NET MVC 4-5
  • JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery UI, AJAX
  • HTML 4&5, CSS 2&3
  • XSL, SVG
  • Flex, ActionScript
  • Java J2EE, Groovy
  • Web Services (SOAP and REST, JSON/XML)
  • SharePoint 2007-2013
  • Windows Azure
  • Azure Mobile Services

Did you know?

We have expert knowledge in the use of ASP.NET MVC. A technology that promotes efficient generation of HTML, clear separation of concerns and extensibility.

Windows Desktop


All our employees have experience of developing Windows-based desktop technologies. Our specific experience includes the use of the following:

  • C/C++
  • C# & VB.NET (Framework 1.1-4.5)
  • WCF
  • WPF
  • Windows Forms
  • Windows Services
  • MSMQ
  • Multithreading



We have experience in a range of database technologies for application, reporting and data transformation/mapping development. Database technologies we have used as part of specific projects include the following:

  • T-SQL (SQL Server 2000-2012)
  • PL/SQL (Oracle 11g)
  • ADO .NET
  • Hibernate
  • Entity Framework
  • SSIS
  • SSRS

We provide Data Modelling and Database Design consultation as part of our development.